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Baby - 6 Months - Mom

6 Month Old

Half a year has gone by already since you had your baby – the time can go so fast. Even though, with the best of intentions, you want to make the most of each day, you probably feel too busy sometimes to pause and just be in the moment. Try to make time to just enjoy your baby and become immersed in them. It is through these quiet, unhurried times that you will be giving your baby some of the most valuable nurturing they will ever receive.

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Baby - 7 Months - Mom

7 Month Old

This is an interesting month, because just when you think you have your baby all worked out and their routine established, they are likely to do something which fills you with doubt. Your baby's sleep routine may change, they may become more clingy, perhaps they won't want to eat what they have loved previously or they just change in some small way.

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Baby - 8 Months - Mom

8 Month Old

Your baby will be a more wriggling, inquisitive and active little person at 8 months. They have learned that there is a whole world out there, just waiting to be touched and explored. Many parents find this a challenging age because although their baby has some mobility skills, they don't have enough to keep them entertained for very long. They won't want to be held all the time and will struggle to get down on the floor and have some freedom.

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Baby - 9 Months - Mom

9 Month Old

Expect more exploring and activity this month as your baby learns how to propel themselves across the floor. They may shuffle along on their bottom, leopard crawl or even creep along with most of their weight on their tummy. Whichever way works for them, they will be building on their skills in movement. Nine month old babies have lots to see and do. Even though that speck of dust on the floor seems rather uninteresting to the rest of us, it demands picking up and examination if there is a 9-month-old around.

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Baby - 10 Months - Mom

10 Month Old

Your little one is gaining more and more independence now, learning how to use the body and control movements. This means there is bound to be some spills and tumbles as they perfect their skills in becoming better coordinated. Finding the balance between being protective but still allowing them to explore, can be really difficult. Make sure the areas where your baby plays are safe and child-friendly. For the next couple of years, you will need to place precious items up high and ensure heavy objects are secured. Although baby-proofing your home may change its appearance, it is far more important to have a safe environment, where you feel your baby can play safely.

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Baby - 11 Months - Mom

11 Month Old

Keeping up with that little bundle of energy will be getting more difficult now. Your 11-month-old will be busy exploring the household, as well as everything in it. There'll be lots of poking and prodding, and you'll wonder just how you ever got by without such high quality control.

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Baby - 12 Months - Mom

12 Month Old

It's time to say Happy Birthday and celebrate that your baby has officially moved from being a baby to becoming a toddler. Although it may not seem like it, a whole year has passed since your baby was born. Remembering life before children can be almost impossible, but you can be sure that, in spite of all the changes, your baby has added another dimension to your life.

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Baby - 13 Months - Mom

13 Month Old

Now that you have a toddler in the household it will be as if you are on a voyage of discovery each day along with them. Be prepared to feel like you’ve had blinkers on – you’ll wonder just how you missed all the wonderful things your toddler is seeing for the first time. This is a lovely age, even if a little exhausting for parents. You’ll need to be extra vigilant in scanning every environment just to make sure it doesn’t pose any risks to your child’s safety. And this is what you are likely to find the most wearing aspect of parenting your young child; the potential for harm and the “what ifs”. But try not to restrict their opportunities for growth and discovery; after all this is how they will learn about the world and all the fascinating things in it.

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Baby - 14 Months - Mom

14 Month Old

“Busy” is the best word to describe the average 14-month-old toddler, which means you will be too. If you have older children they will be involved in entertaining your toddler and involving them in playing games and different activities. But don’t expect them to always play happy families. This age group is very ego-centric which means they believe the world and everyone in it is just there for their purpose. When you’re 14 months of age, there is really no need to think about how anyone else may be feeling. Sharing toys, waiting for their turn or being considerate are all social skills which will develop with time, but for now they are still a long way off.

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Baby - 15 Months - Mom

15 Month Old

Learn to have eyes in the back of your head this month; you'll need them to keep an eye on your 15-month-old! This is the month when they will become even more proficient at walking and build up a little speed in their step. Spills and falls are all part of the learning process but you will learn to predict when you shouldn't stray too far from their side. Uneven ground, slopes, slippery surfaces and unfamiliar territory will all mean an unstable base and an increased chance of falls. Make sure you offer your toddler lots of comfort and cuddles when they are hurt or upset. One of most powerful emotional responses children need to feel from their parents is empathy. Avoid feeling as if you are spoiling your toddler by showing them you are there for them when they are hurt. This is a time when they will seek reassurance and the security that only you can provide. Both boys and girls need to know what it means to be comforted when they are feeling hurt or sad

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Baby - 16 Months - Mom

16 Month Old

This is the age of climbing for many toddlers who, once they have mastered walking, seem to want to see the world from a higher vantage point. Couches, chairs, benches and even bookcases will all provide an opportunity for your 16 month old to scale onwards and upwards on their sturdy little legs. You’ll be constantly surprised this month about how they interpret different household objects and the imaginative ways they’ll use them. Containers become hats; empty tissue boxes are really shoes and your handbag the latest “must have” fashion item to be paraded around the house. When you have a toddler in the house, everyday life takes on another dimension. They tend to be noisy little people too, with little consideration for other people’s needs or belongings. For a 16-month-old, what’s yours is theirs; what they want they get and there are no social niceties to adhere to.

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Baby - 17 Months - Mom

17 Month Old

Expect lots of chatter and talk from your toddler this month as they learn to expand on their range of vocal sounds and say a few simple words. Of course, their language won’t be clear just yet; they’ll still be talking in jumbled up words and sentences – as much to themselves as anyone in particular. They are likely to become shy though when faced with strangers and new situations. It will be at home, when they feel most comfortable and relaxed, that they will frequently practice their new verbal skills.

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Baby - 18 Months - Mom

18 Month Old

Your toddler is 1½ years old, but it may not seem like all that long ago since he was a small baby. This can be a complex age for parents who, on one level, see their toddler as being almost grown up and, on another, still so very young.

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Baby - 19 Months - Mom

19 Month Old

You'll certainly know there's a toddler in the house now, with toys and mess strewn throughout. Something will catch your toddler's eye and become their new favourite item for a little while and then it will be cast aside in favour of the next best thing.

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Baby - 20 Months - Mom

20 Month Old

You’ll have a little mimic in the house now, someone watching and absorbing all that you say and do. Watch your 20-month-old as they copy your actions and try talking with the same pitch and intonation in their voice. They’ll want to please you and try to engage you in their play whenever they can. If you’re considering having a quiet sit for a few moments, then think again. Your toddler will bring you things to examine and will seek you out wherever you are. Rediscover your inner child this month when you have really become your toddler’s best friend.

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Baby - 21 Months - Mom

21 Month Old

You’ll need to make sure your 21-month-old has plenty to keep them busy now otherwise they’ll be tugging on your leg all day. Set up zones for play throughout the house and yard, and watch them as they flit from one to the other. If you value order in your home, this may be a challenging time. Your toddler won’t appreciate your need for organisation and is too young to change their behaviour just to please you. This means you’re going to need to learn skills in ignoring the household mess, or very closely monitor your toddler’s access to their toys.

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Baby - 22 Months - Mom

22 Month Old

Invite some little friends over for your toddler to play with this month. Watch how they relate to each other and communicate in their own special ways. Some toddlers are more assertive than others and make their feelings very clear. Others are more passive and slower to warm up. At 22 months some character traits are starting to become quite obvious. It can be fascinating to see the evolution of a toddler’s personality as they get older and mature into the person they will become.

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Baby - 23 Months - Mom

23 Month Old

Your toddler is almost 2, so make a point of enjoying each day of the last few weeks before they reach another milestone birthday. This is the age and stage where a little opposition makes its appearance, causing parents to wonder what they’re doing wrong. All toddlers tend to have a short fuse and try to test the boundaries. They can escalate to distress in a split second, but then just as easily revert back to being calm and eventempered. Try not to use your toddler’s moods as a guide for your own. They will look to you for help with regulating their emotions and making sense of the world. By staying calm, reassuring and supportive they will learn that no matter how they feel, you are there for them.

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Baby - 24 Months - Mom

24 Month Old

Another milestone this month when your toddler has their 2nd birthday. They will be old enough to understand some of what this means, if only for the presents and cake. But it’s also a milestone in terms of their independence and increasing range of skills. Their ability won’t always match their intent though, so be prepared for some outbursts of frustration when they can’t achieve what they want to.

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Baby - Milestones - Growth

Baby Growth

One of the signs of your baby’s good health is their growth. Your baby’s height and weight changes are important indicators for overall health.

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Baby - Milestones - Growth Chart

Baby Growth Chart

Baby growth charts are used throughout the world and although there can be slight differences between each of them; their core information is very similar. For a long time growth charts have remained unchanged, but in the last few years there have been improvements to their design and the information they contain.

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Baby - Milestones - Baby Memory

Baby Memory

Your baby might be showing an increasingly good memory that will help them anticipate events and play a role in their developing personality.

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Baby - Milestones - First Steps

First Steps

From nine to eleven months, babies are in basic training for walking. They're taking it one step at a time to gain the physical control and balance required to walk. They do it by building the muscles and motor skills that prepare them for those exciting first steps.

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Baby - Milestones - First Words

First Words

While parents are excited to hear their baby's first words, psychologists say that words aren't the only indication of language development.

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Baby - Separation Anxiety - Parents

Seperation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is such a common experience for babies that it is considered one of the normal developmental milestones, though that doesn't make it any easier for parents to deal with.

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